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BCX5 is the latest castable resin for LCD/DLP, suitable for jewelry where extreme precision and accuracy are required.

The main features are:

– Custom syntetized oligomer by BlueCast, not available to market,
patent is going to be applied.
– Excellent casting of small engravings both positive and negative
– Fits all jewelry needs from filigree to medals as well dental ones
– Excellent for stones presetting
– Curing triggering tuned to maximize antialias smoothing
– No monomer inside, no smell
– No aggression on plastic parts (tested on PS, PMMA)
– No postcuring needed for casting
– No shrinkage
– No primer needed
– Less sprueing needed, oxygen for burnout is released by resin during
burnout (less scrap metal, less work on metal)
– Easy welding with wax, forget about pattern lost into investment
– Can be polished, engraved, drilled (postcure is needed)
– Low viscosity, easier to recover uncured resin from models, easy to wash
– No preheating required
– Very little hygroscopic while liquid, no water absorption while printed
– Atoxic, solvent free, very low phospine content, very low skin irritant
– Fast and detailed
– Hard but elastic, good compression set
– Cleaner burnout, 0,00% ash residual
– Solvent free
– Suitable for fast burnout
– Full burnout also at lower temperature (750 C°)
– No expansion during burnout, sublimation starts at 130 Celsius
– Burnout will not release agrressive chemicals to investment (80% of
burnout is composed by carbon dioxide and water and oxygen that is
used to complete combustion)
– Low tension surface (better surface, no need to treat models with
spray or dip baths)
– Excellent dimensional stability in time, no need to stock in cold/dark places
– Available for low power LCD, DLP and laser printers
– Shelf life 2 years

Compatible with Wanhao Duplicator 7



LOW SHRINKAGE CASTABLE RESIN. BCX5 is the latest castable resin for LCD/DLP.

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